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Steve Weiland  

 Weiland Pacific Crest Trail

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail:


Stephen M. Weiland and Michael Wille

 June 10, 1998

  Arrive at Campo, CA:
Pick up package at Post Office. Discover Meat Jerky is not edible. [Jerky was prepared without chemicals to retard spoiling. Meat was dehydraded, and stored in freezer until package was prepared. Package was sent 2 weeks prior to hikers arrival at Campo. Suggestion was to re-dehydrate meat prior to sending.] Both Steve and Mike are excited and raring to go.

June 12, 1998

  Arrive at Laguna, CA:
Steve reports that they camped near the road between Campo and Laguna at night. They were interrupted at 2:45 am with a male face staring into their tent, after a heard of deer like animals passed by. They decided not to wait around, and broke camp in middle of night, to move on. Arrived at Laguna. Jerky with preservatives arrived all right. Jerky without preservatives did not survive the two weeks trip.

 June 16, 1998


Arrive at Julian, CA:
Steve reports blisters on all four feet. The surprise and lesson of the trail had to do with 30 mile hikes across the desert, with water also 30 miles apart. "This was a lesson, mom!" "We stopped at Julian to find a doctor. We needed some antibiotic for the very large infected blisters. Doctors are not available. We are using Epsom salt and are following your suggestion of Hydrogen Peroxide to clean the wounds. There were times on the tail were we crossed a very narrow ridge with brush. Mike heard a rattle snake, and I was in my Kiva's because of the blisters. Mike jumped ahead, and I jumped back to give the rattler room. We made it through...wewhhh!

We hope the Ice Axes arrived at Warner Springs

June 17, 1998

  Arrived at Warner Springs, CA:
We received the Ice Axes. We were told that there was no snow for way ahead. We chose to mail the Ice Axes further ahead, so as not to have to carry them.
No doctors were available. We moved on hoping to resolve the foot issue. Food was O.K. Meat was O.K. I think jerky was the store bought kind. " We will be moving on to Idyllwild immediately. .

 Steve at Forester Pass

   Stephen M Weiland

June 20, 1998

  Arrived at Idyllwild, Ca:
Feet are "hamburger". Please order size 16 shoes. Get them to me as soon as possible. Happy Fathers Day Dad.
Food is fine, but meat needs drying a second time before sending. Snack bars which are not dried do not hold up well under the heat.
"We found snow before we arrived here.The trail was covered. I could not see my feet. Mike wants to move on."

 Mike at Forester Pass



June 21, 1998

  Arrived at ? -- phone contact poor...disconnected
Send less dry milk; more jerky; more trail mix of the Pacific Crest Type. Send hard case for sunglasses...and send the shoes in wide.
"Why are my feet swelling?"
"Family genetics, tender skin, too much salt, heat, unbalanced diet. Sleep with feet above head. Rest with feet above head."

June 22, 1998

  I called in the shoe order to "Sportsfoot". The salesman was most helpful and hurried to get overnight delivery of these size 16 shoes.

June 23, 1998

  Packed food for Kennedy Meadows (6 days). Received call that shoes had arrived. Picked them up along with beef jerky from Costco's. I replaced the jerkey in the Kennedy Meadows package with the vacume packed jerky, and sent the homemade batch along with the shoes for overnight delivery. I called Big Bear City Post Office; discovered that all post offices now have an 800 number, which on this day routed the calls strangely. I finally connected with Big Bear Lake, and was reassured that the snow had melted and hikers could pass through.

June 26, 1998


Arrived at Big Bear

 July 1, 1998


Arrived at Wrightwood

 July 4, 1998


Arrived at Aqua Dulce - Fine friends who allowed them to stay at their trailer. Seeking Steve's feet, the lady of the land called a doctor, who told boys to stay for a while, soak feet, gave antibiotic. We thank you lady of the land, we thank you Dr. Timothy J. Camasta [805-285-5353], for taking care of our young hiking folks.

? don't recall


Arrived at Tehepachi - Glad to hear from hikers. We were uncertain where they were; suspected they held up at Aqua Dulce.

 July 18, 1998


Arrived at Inyoken - Kennedy Meadows - looking forward to connecting and getting picked up.

 July 29, 1998


Arrived at Lake Shore - Vermillion - Confirmation to pick up at South Lake Tahoe.

 August 1, 1998


Arrived at Tuolomi Meadows - Yosemite - Check in! all systems go. Left house driving VW camper, with dog, hoping to camp out, then pick up hikers on the 2nd, drive home on the 3rd.

 August 2, 1998


Picked up at sout Lake Tahoe, for trip to Chicago and friend's wedding - Two tired and dusty campers entered the motel room, eyes blazing with life. HINT: if you are going to pick up hikers as they leave the trail, bring a tape recorder. The stories are precious, extraordinary and radiate that one time only telling.

 August 3, 1998


Drive to Ashland; start to clean equipment, and organize food and plan to continue.

 August 4, 1998


4 am drive troops to airport

 August 11, 1998


2:45 pick up troops from airport; hear about wedding; and visits; start to prepare for remainder of the trip.

 August 12, 1998


After rearranging provision boxes and revising the travel plan for the remaining time, drive to trail in Nevada. Hikers were returned to Rt 108 to continue their treck - Echo Lake I

August 16, 1998


Arrived at Echo Lake II - arrived on time and set out immediately for Sierra City.

August 20, 1998


Arrived at Sierra City [eta - Aug 17] - I called on 8/20 to discover the provisions box was still at the post office. After an instant of panic, we checked the time schedule, and discovered they had planned to cover 100 or so miles in about 2 days. I trust they'll arrive within a day or so.

5:00 p.m. received a call from Michael. The PO was to close at 4:30. He left his pack with Steve and friends (picked up in Reno), so he could run to get food provisions. He needed new shoes, size +1 & 1/2 from start size after Echo Lake. They are again well on their way. Friends will need to return home to Reno as their feet are blistered.

Hoping to arrive at Ashland ASAP.

New plans for completing trail are being drafted, as Steve needs to return to school to complete his second degree starting the 28th of September.

Shoes are a problem. Proper size for Steve is not available at this time. We are searching

August 24, 1998


Arrived at Belden Town 8/24/98 [eta - Aug 20] bx sent 8/18; All systems are go. Due to School Schedule beginning Sept 28th, plans are rearranged. Hikers will approach Ashland -100 or so miles, bus to Canadian border, hike south towards Ashland as far as time permits, then complete these local hikes during weekends.

We folks are mighty proud of you two. It is true that you fell short of your ultimate goal by about 200 miles. But take a look at what you did achieve. :)

   Old Station [eta - Aug 22] bx sent 8/18

   Burney Falls [eta Aug 24] bx sent 8/18

   Castella [eta Aug 27] bx sent 8/18

   Seiad Valley [eta - Sept 1] bx sent 8/18

   Ashland [eta - Sept 4]

   Crater Lake [eta - Sept 7]

   Cascade Summit [eta - Sept 10]

   Olallie Lake [eta - Sept 14]

   Timberline Lodge [eta - Sept 16]

   Cascade Locks [eta - Sept 18] bx sent 8/24/98

   Nanches [eta - Sept 23] bx sent 8/24/98

   Snoqualamie Pass [eta - Sept 25] bx sent 8/24/98

   Stehekin [eta - Sept 30] bx sent 8/24/98

   Canada [eta - Oct 1] bx sent 8/24/98 | Directory | Labyrinth

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