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a little about me, my history and growing up.

The 7 spires of Lübeck. They can be seen from great distances, like while on the autobahn from Hamburg!

The start of something great!
But first we have to start out small.
I, Mike was born December 1939, in:

Do you know where the above place is?
Now it's in: Germany
Send an eMail and if you are right you'll win first prize!

Michael Weiland Mike Weiland Weiland Neumünster
Michael in Leipzig 1940, in Neumünster 1941 through 1947.
Still going to school! Kaufmannische Berufs Schule near St Marien Kirche.

Weiland Luebeck
On our stoop at Artlenburger Strasse 12-14, planning the great escape?
Or waiting for a buddy to go to the "Riverboat"?

Riverboat Luebeck
That's the place of much joy and some expense.
The Riverboat!

Somehow I made it to the USA and was send right back to Schweinfurt, Germany.

Mike Weiland US Army
I am in the middle of my tour (1961), this is in Würzburg, 3rd Infantry HQ,
perhaps en route to some fun duty, helping some Captain or Major finding a Mercedes 300 SL?

This is one of my many trips home to Lübeck, visiting with Mutti (Mom)
or enjoying life in the back of my fire engine red BMW 502 V8? Ellen asked "Just what do you mean by that?"

What a life to be young in love and in Lübeck! Well, I did not know Ellen then!

Weiland BMW 502

Glad to be home. If I would look left, would I be looking at my car, or what boat would I see? Scroll up just a bit! ;)

Yes I remember this place, that huge entry, the somewhat dark interior
and strange conversations with several of you GI's stationed there. Trust may have been an issue?

GI's Luebeck
House Image from the Lübecker Association Webpage

My God was I jealous, I tried a few things to get "THAT" kind of duty. Well! No way did I qualify!

Time has been good to me and this move that I planned so many years ago turned out great for me!

Weilands Travemünde

Here we are in Travemünde in 1989, visiting my sister and her kids. I couldn't get enough of my past. I tried to retrace every step I ever took, we came back in 1990 to continue. I loved it, sometimes I wish I could have loved "IT" more back then in the '40 - '50.

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