"I am! We Are! This is me!"
Ellen Helga Weiland

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grandma & me Ellen WeilandEllen Weiland mom and dad

That's me in the arms of MY grandma, a gentle lady who "helped the angels bake cookies", and always let some 'fall' into my mouth right off the edge of the kitchen table." Mom and dad dreamed me into reality. I thank you both for the gift of life. Dad was killed in 1944. See the gray pictures. Life was gray in those days.

I was born in the city of Frankfurt, Germany

If you are interested in visiting that area, press Germany and go "Map Germany". You will notice just to the left of Frankfurt [center towards south] is the town of Wiesbaden [west of Frankfurt]. Well, I did not live there. I did live in a tiny town of about 500 people spread far and wide, called Kronberg, not too far from Wiesbaden.

Mom and I lived in a beautiful school

an estate which was located in the Taunus mountains. As a child, I happily roamed those mountains, protected by the deer, falcons and other wild life.

In 1951 mother and I, moved to Brooklyn, New York. Browse the Brooklyn site and you will find many goodies which graced my youth. Color happened!

Prospect Park Botanical Garden
Brooklyn Museum. . .

I attended PS 92 and several other public schools, went to Erasmus Hall High School, then Brooklyn College, where I studied Economics and Accounting. I worked in the stock market.

I married my beloved Michael during the 1963 winter solstice.

Yup! we're in this labyrinth of learning for our 33rd year. We are here doing God's work of strengthening the prototype of couple relationships. Mike was born in Wernigerode, raised in Neumünster, educated at the Fachhochschule in Lübeck. Have a look at his early world.

During our time together we have lived in Brooklyn NY, New Brunswick NJ, Long Island, Wappingers Falls Upstae NY, Oak Park IL, Naperville IL, and now in the Pacific Northwest.


I share with you our muchloved son.

Stephen, who joined us in Smithtown, is a former Marine, now attending SOSC, studying Geography, Cartography, and Computer Science. He is an avid rock climber, biker and skier. He hiked the Appalachian Trail from April to September 1993. I respect and honor his independent and powerful spirit. May the Force be with you, Stephen.

We have had any number of pets, Piefke the 3 lb. chihuahua who ruled the roost over Scamp the husky mix and Sam the beagle mix. The felines Samantha, Mushifer the first, the second and especially Mushifer the third, who liked to meditate with me, hold places in our hearts. We currently enjoy a pup who was launched into our back yard by a passing car. As he arrived on Christmas eve, we call him Jesus Thorr, Thorr for short.

Just this morning, during breakfast, Mike and I laughed ourselves silly at the memory of the hundreds of tropical fish who entered our tanks and left faster by the mouth of the Sunny, caught by our then seven year old, who innocently added his catch to our tank.

We say "HI" to our friends, Patricia, Richard, Lois, Jesse, Dieter, Wolfgang, Katheriene, Fred, Renee, Joe, Ruth Inge, Betty, another Betty, Fritz, Irmgard, Tom, Jean, Robert, Charlotte, an entire mystery school including teachers, Dianne, Jack, Phil, Barbara, Robert, Hilary, Hollis, Margaret, Joyce, Sandy, Dave, Annie, Ess and company, Scott, Cindy, Sue, John, Jan, and all those whose names are not on the tip of my tongue his very moment. We say "Hi" also to family, Uwe, Katherine and many others, living in the geographic distance, and the closeness of our hearts.

In Illinois I attended the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Jane Addams School of Social Work. [Go surfing for some of the goodies at their site.] I earned my MSW , became a licensed LCSW practiced traditional clinical social work and alternative modes of healing for twenty years. Currently we live in Oregon. I attended Mystery School then later studied to become a minister to facilitate my spiritual journey.

I am fascinated with the current manifestation of the eternal meta mind on the screen of our PCs and Macs. Mike and I have established a business, ashland wwweb services, to help the average Joe and Jane become part of the weave of this fast growing fabric, this Information involution, and millennium transformation. We facilitate the Internet Visibility.
I enjoy traveling, the sacred mysteries, hiking, crafts of all sorts, writing, the arts, computers, and ancient Egypt; the thousand faces of God, Web Weaving, Mexico, the mountains, the shore, the plains in between; I enjoy the ever growing consciousness of humanity. I am grateful to be living during the advent of this global community.

P.S.: bringing together the elements of this page has been quite an
experience for me. To manifest history, tangibly, in cyberspace, has
an interesting "therapaeic" effect on psyche. Such a "his-story" is well worth doing.
I think maat's labyrinth [the site] itself may evolve into the "her-story".

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