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Welcome to Mat's Labyrinth

Who or What is Mat?

Mat is an ancient Egyptian organizing force / archetype embodying the concepts of law, truth and world order.

A transfer of the physical concept to the field of ethics has its parallel in the English adjective "straight" meaning 'honest', upright and true".

Bringing Mat into the consensus reality was the ancient Egyptian's way of personifying the basic laws of all existence. Without Mat life was/is impossible; for she has been and continues to be the food and drink of the Overriding Intelligence which many of us call God.

The seated image of this archetype/goddess, wearing an ostrich feather on her head, was held in pharaoh's hand like a doll, and was presented as an offering to the gods. This symbolized that the king was the representative of divine order. Judges were regarded as priests of Mat. They were the caretakers of the laws of existence.

In the Hall of Judgment [the hall of the double Mat] at the "Weighing of the Heart" the [symbolic] heart of the spiritually downtrodden or physically deceased was placed on the scales of justice, balanced against the feather of Mat, the symbol of truth.


*mini process*

For one moment, recall if you will, the feeling related to the burden of a heavy heart? Consider that such heaviness of heart is what the ancients might have perceived as an absence of Mat, a being "out of true", "out of round", "out of balance". Such a heavy heart would fall prey, they said, to Ammit, the devourer of the un-just, or to those who would steal hearts, and leave one wandering densely and aimlessly through the labyrinth in the darkness, in ones night.

Labyrinth 2000 BC

Over four thousand year ago there existed on the shores of Lake Mareotis, in Egypt, a labyrinth of wall-enclosed winding paths. Historians including Herodotus, Stabo and Diodorus the Sicilian reported their profound experiences with this ancient site. Some suggested the labyrinth was used by the Egyptians in their initiations perhaps as a symbol of life, and represented the wanderings of the soul in the flesh. Since that ancient time, labyrinths have been experienced by countless numbers of truth seekers.

Boticelli's Labyrinth
Chartres' Labyrinth
Hopi Labyrinth

Evidence reveals "the journey into the soul" was facilitated by the ceremonial practice, of moving through (i.e. dancing) the labyrinth. Numerous cathedrals in Italy and France, including that at the well known Chartres cathedral, incorporated a labyrinth into their floor plan. These labyrinths are thought to have represented "the beginning of an initiatory journey."

....journey into your labyrinth of BEING....


...traveling across the wwweb, into your depth.


labyrinth 2003 AD

Today the Labyrinth represents a growing community of explorers and truth seekers; people from all walks of life, evolving and advancing in self and environmental awareness; folks learning skills, and calling to the fore extended human capacities; hoping to enhance life, on the personal as well as planetary level.

mat's labyrinth

mat's labyrinth is a growing interactional adventure, joining the awesome availability of information, with process/action. Individually and collectively you are invited embark on a...

One purpose of this adventure is to explore the interactional nature of the www and to claim that capacity in the service of our individual and collective transformation. It is my own impression that our socialization, as it exists, with all its extensive academic wonder, fails to facilitate and strengthen our flexibility of coming-in-to-form. It often fails to empower us with an assimilated working knowledge of our own systemic miracle and its multi-dimensional and extended capacities. It is my impression as well, that during this current in-formation revolution the greatest challenge for each of us, is to re-view, that is take another look at our form, and re-organize, then re-incorporate an awareness of the inner community which comprises "The Self" in context with "The Unity". I perceive us in a paradoxical reality in which we are not only individuals, separate and distinct from one another and all that is "not-me", but we are simultaneously, and inter-actively "at-one" with all there is.

As a child, while studying science, with a particular interest in biology, I learned some elementary facts about "The Brain". The then transmitted data directed me toward an external environmental focus, and failed to relate and connect me to my own system and its amazing capacities. I retained that external focus for a good many years. Certainly I had a casual comprehension of the importance of "The Brain", as well as an aquaintanceship with my own; yet I spent much of my life without an adequate working knowledge of the complexity and purpose of that system, its special series of components, and their ability to interact to unite my body, in fact any and all bodies with the subtle [mind/plus] fields of the larger reality. Lost to me was the miracle of consciousness brought to awareness by the efforts of that profound organ, "The Brain". Latent within but beyond my grasp lay the power to focus intention through the path of the labyrinth of brain processes. As a result of a gnawing discomfort, a deep knowledge that more, as well as a better quality of life was possible, and through the persistent teachings and guidings of master teachers, I was able to awaken and reclaim my own capacities, with their potencies, from the darkness of the autonomic/automatic realm. Reclaiming my BEING was a time consuming process, but one well worth undertaking; one which I invite any and all to pursue. Now....there you sit in your chair. If your were asked to utilize your energy more efficiently, would you know how to go about it? If you answer "yes"...many smiles, and joy to you. If you answer "no", please...begin to explore the windings of your BEING. We offer you the beginnings of some readings on the subject of , which runs the gamut between the brain's physical, psychological, and global/mythic aspects. These readings are offered to satisfy any information hunger. We also offer an experiential process (one of hopefully many) which will give you some personal data. I learn best by beginning with experience, which prompts my desire to know, nudging me into internal as well as external information gathering expeditions. The topic at hand at this time is The Brain System. I invite you into an experience.

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