The Brain/Neurological System - Part II

Coccyx / Root Center

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Experience Your Root Center:

Remove your shoes. You may prefer to be barefoot or to wear cotton stockings/socks. Feel free to explore what is most comfortable for you. If you are prone to loosing yourself in timelessness. I invite you to set a gently ringing timer for 20 minutes.

With the background sound of a heartbeat, or some earthy music, sit errect on a staight back chair. Let the heartbeat / music be your holding environment for these next moments.

Plant your feet firmly on the ground about eighteen inches to two feet apart. Allow your focus to rest only on the words you are reading, and on the suggested body/mind parts.

Feel the contact your feet make with the earth. Breathe as though you could inhale into your feet. Release that breath. Observe what you are sensing.

Inhale slowly and completely to count of eight. Hold that breath to the count of four. Release to the count of eight. Hold to the count of four. Repeat this breathing pattern several times, being fully conscious of the contact your feet make with the floor.

What do you experience related to your feet and their contact to the floor? Maintain your focus on your feet and your contact with the earth. Continue the breathing pattern.

During the next several breathing rounds, add to your sensory awareness, your ankles..., your calves..., your knees..., your thighs..., your coccyx.... Sense as completely as possible the earth beneath your feet..., your feet..., your ankles..., calves..., knees..., your thighs..., your coccyx. Sense this part of your anatomy kinesthetically [feeling the sensations] while you develop an inner image of your feet planted on the earth..., ankles..., calves..., knees..., thighs..., and your coccyx.

Continue to breathe to the pattern of 8-4-8-4 while you sense the relationship of your lower extremities up through your coccyx to the earth. Observe what you sense. Record your observations in the "journal of your mind".

Now, very slowly rock forward taking weight from your coccyx... rock very slowly back onto your coccyx. Continue this forward and back rocking motion for just a few moments, noting all the while the sensations in your lower limbs up through your coccyx.

Sit straight again, centered within yourself, in the chair. Observe what you sense.

Have the sensations changed? Increased? Decreased? Become more clear?

Make a mental note of your observations. [Each person interprets sensations in a unique way. In this exercise I am not suggesting what you might sense. I ask only that you be aware of sensing something, and that your sensations may change with the degree or length of focused attention and movement of a given area. Remember "Energy flows where attention goes."]

Now, turn your spine from the coccyx very slowly to the left, then to the right; back and forth, making certain the movement is the lowest part of your spine. Observe what you sense. Have sensations changed? Increased? Decreased? Become more clear? Again make a mental note.

Stop now. Be sure to record your observations in the "journal of your mind".

Symbolically: The root chakra is the place of grounding, our connectedness to the earth. It's center is at the coccyx. Many disciplines lump together the energy centers of the feet, knees, and coccyx to represent our connection to the earth. These centers allow us to receive the vibrations from the elemental world / the magnetic realm [earth]. Poor connection to this center is perceived as poor grounding. When we have the sense of being spacy, lost in our head, lost in thoughts / repetative thoughts, it is because we are poorly connected to our root center.

Scientifically: coccyx A small triangular bone at the base of the spinal column in human beings and tailless apes, consisting of several fused rudimentary vertebrae. Also called tailbone. [New Latin, from Greek kokkux, cuckoo, coccyx (from its resemblance to a cuckoo's beak).]

Pelvic Center

Solar Plexus

Heart Center

Throat Center

Brow Center

Crown Center

Reptilian Brain

This represents the primitive reptile brain, occupying itself with autonomic functions, territorial functions, and aggressive functions.

The reptile wants:

The reptile fears:

Limbic System

The limbic system, also called the mid-brain, paleo-mammalian brain or the mammalian brain is the seat of emotion, pleasure pain, sexual desire, tribal behaviors, and latent occult powers. This part of the brain is stimulated by rituals.

The limbic system wants:

The limbic system abhors:

Corpus Callosum

The connectors between the left and right hemispheres of the brain are called commissures. The largest of these is the corpus callosum which is sometimes called the "great divide". Proper functioning of the corpus callosum makes communication between the hemispheres possible; see Left Hemisphere and Right Hemisphere for additional information.

Right Hemisphere

The right hemisphere processes:

Together the left and right hemispheres:

Left Hemisphere

The left hemisphere processes:

Together the left and right brain:

Neo Cortex

The cerebral or neo cortex, also called the neo mammalian brain, is the said to be the seat of inspiration, abstract thinking, musical composition, reading and writing. It is stimulated by meditation, visualization, poetic hymn, prayer or incantation, as well as by repeating mantra's.

The Neo Cortex wants:

The neo cortex deplores:


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