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The Brain/Neurological System - Part I

animation of brain system


...The following is an interpretive look at some aspects related to our nervous system, and its bridging function between body and mind. Please view this page as containing considerable creative license. It is a dance between the Intuitive and Organizing aspects of the brain. None of the material is designed to encourage health diagnosis; rather it is offered as a way to become friendly with this subject. None, some or much of it may hold significance for you. Let it, at the least, serve as a beginning on the path of understanding of the "physical/nonphysical me" interfacing with the "physical and nonphysical not me."

From the moment of our birth, our cartakers foster in us an awareness of our surrounding physical reality, as well as our own physical nature. We are rightfully taught distinction; that our body is seperate from that of our mother and father, our siblings, our community and culture; distinct from the animals, the plants, the minerals, and the cars driving down any street we may want to cross.

I say "we are rightfully taught", in light of the fact that our physical boundaries do have their merging limitations; we want to survive, to avoid physical demolition due to lack of boundary comprehension. We do want to be aware of the consequences of crossing the street too near a moving truck, or walking off the ledge of a mountain. We do want space clearance from fellow walkers on the path. Physical distinction as well as any awareness of that disticntion is, as far as we know, an earthly priviledge, one to be realized, navigated and honored. Yet we are more...

During our life little if any consciously focused teaching is devoted to helping us come to conscious terms with our emotional body, mental body, or our spirit body as well as the responsibilities related to having them. A number of us are fortunate to have families who spontaneously teach these lessons. Most folk, however are treated like mushrooms--kept in the dark and fed much fertilizer.

Our multiple realities often remain as vague ideas stuffing the intellect within our. The facts that we are composed of elemental material, that we carry deep in our core a vegetative likeness, and that in our genetic material is coded with the likeness and wisdom of the animal reality [ Sacred Chord Meditation Delores Ashcroft Nowecki], receive little if any experiential attention from our primary teachers.

We learn that we are living in a material world. The instructive focus almost always centers around the world of object distinction, and then, in our later childhood we are invited and rewarded for turning our focus towards ideas and concepts.

In the ideological realm we sense insinuations about extended realities, among which are those filled with angels, archetypes [Jean Houston, Hero and the Goddess], spirit and God. We are seldom invited to be absorbed into that world, only to acknowledge it from a distance. As such, we become isolated in the distinctions of our own human making, and grow without achieving the full maturation intended by the Creative Principle. We become dense, and energetically compacted [depressed], and often feel in our depth a hunger, a longing for "something more". As our focus has been one of external distinctions, we look to the physical environment to satisfy our yearning, without much satisfaction.

We gain little to no understanding about our psychophysical vehicle [Listening to the Body] and its impressive capabilites and latencies, and are insensetive to our exquisite human capacity to photosynthesize the higher solar forces with the earth's elements to manifest life not only on the physical plane, but to sustain and refurbish reality on the metaphysical one as well.

As our construct of the fast approaching twenty first millennium, with all its demands, assimilates us, it behooves us to reawaken to the creative possibilities, to reaquaint and reallign ourselves with our cosmic purpose. To engage at that level, I think we need to incorporate an understanding about our energetic aspect, its economy, and its interrelationship with our psychophysical being.

This page is but a breath of vapor, passing over a lake bed needing to be filled with water. Nonetheless it is my attempt to publish some thoughts and processes related to this topic, into cyberspace, hoping someone might read, and benefit as much as I am benefitting by organizing it.

Waking Up: ramblings on a Sunday afternoon.

I recall one bright summer day, lying in a lounge in my rural New York back yard. I was deeply engaged in the book I held. Suddenly I let the book fall to my lap as I focused on my hand, and only my hand. What makes it move, I wondered? Just what is it that causes these fingers to turn a page on command? Like a baby, I watched my fingers in utter delight and curiousity.

As I focused more deeply and strongly on my hand and arm, I experienced a growing awareness of what seemed like a current, an electric current running through my arm, into my hand and fingers. This current seemed to be supporting the animation of my fingers. Fascinating! I have been animated since my conception, yet I never sensed this current before. It must always have been present? Is this what they mean by "self conscious"?

I was awakening to an aspect of myself here to fore discounted, ignored, relegated to the darkness of my unconscious, autonomic system. I spent the better part of that afternoon just sensing my hand, my fingers, the turning of my wrist, my back, legs, the movement in my neck. It was a profound experience to be aware of that which seemed to animate me.

My friend arrived at about four o'clock and found me unusually self absorbed. She grabbed me by the arm, and off we drove to the shopping center. But a door had opened; one which would never close again; a door leading to "the room of the consciousness of the self".

Have you ever just wondered what facilitates your ability to turn your spine? to twist your tongue? How does it happen that you can crinckle your nose? Where does the energy come from? How does it know what to do? Never mind what they taught you in biology class. That is intellectual data. Here I am asking about your experience of self in all its aspects.

Do, just for this moment, turn your head from side to side, keeping your eyes steady on these words. Sense the turning of your head and neck, as well as the non-turning of your eyes. What goes on there? How does this happen? ... Sense the turning with focus on the tip of the nose. ... Compare that to what you sense when you focus on the turning from the vertebra in the neck? ... or from the top of the skull? ... or the back of the throat? What occurs in your thorasic vertebra as you turn your head and neck as far as they will painlessly turn while still allowing you to read these words? ... What do you experience as you continue these movments focused on your "me" instead of the "not-me".

Chakras, they say, are centers of activity for the reception, assimilationa and transmission of life energies. That is a mouthful, isn't it? Have you ever experienced a chakra while busy focusing on the "not-me", the external world?

For me to sense what is happening with my energies, particularly those centers many disciplines call the chakras, I must devote concentration toward the "me", on what I am sensing going on within range of my body.

I am re-membering a fourth of July fireworks in Naperville, Illinois. I love fireworks. They remind me of my own energy's orgasmic pulsing throughout my body, exploding in creative possibilities, dancing through the meadow of the flowers of my mind.

Husband and I are sitting on the bleachers. The show begins with a bang, and so many lovely rainbow colored lights floating through the air. The hair on my skin stands on end from the vibration of the bang, while the excitement of the moment makes me laugh in joyous delight. I felt that fire cracker explode, I heard it, I saw the after effects of it. It occured as thought inside of me, as though it was part of me. But what of my distinction? Am I not individual, seperate from all there is?

Well, yes I am...but I am so much more.

There are many fine books dealing with the subtle energies and our auric field, as well as books discoursing on our psychophysical nature. The cumulative information these books present, to a large degree forms the reality definitiuon of our self view, and world view, as imposed by our culture. The books assist in our coming in(to)formation, that is, they help us align with culture's dictates as to how to see self and the world.

Have you noticed lately how many books are challenging the way we think about ourselves and what we think about the Organizing Principles which govern us? Yes, I too suspect our reality orientation is shifting. This is indeed the shift of paradigm of which so many speak. Paradigm means "an example that serves as pattern or model." The examples which served as our patterns or models regarding "me" and "not-me", are changing. They change as a result of our thinking differently about ourselves and our environment.

I asked a favorite master teacher, "What is truth." I remember him saying something like, "truth is an individual thing. It gows out of ones experience. A number of people may have a similar truth, because they share similar experiences." I honor the teachers who have offered experiences as the foundation stones with which to build the Hall of Mat--the hall of truth.


ego: to designate that aspect of each human' essential being which is molded to reflect cultural preference. I denote "ego" to function as the civilized interface between people of a culture.

civilized: meaning a large group or many groups of people practicing a similar reality definition

body: the organized physical substance of an animal or plant either living or dead; the material part or nature of a human being; something that embodies or gives concrete reality to a thing; also : a sensible object in physical space; to give form or shape to : EMBODY

mind: The thought processes characteristic of a person or group. The collective conscious and unconscious processes in a sentient organism that direct and influence mental and physical behavior.

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