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Published Writings
content since 1994
all rights reserved



ellen H. Weiland LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker   (Retired)

Mental Health Practice and Consultation


After an initial assessment, I meet the client at the crossroads of her / his described reality. I utilize knowledge, skills and practices from traditional orthodox as well as alternative philosophies and psychologys. I incorporate western and eastern, ancient and modern traditions. As licensed clinical social worker with ministerial training, I am experienced in the use of...

Communication Theory
Transactional Analysis
Drama / Psychodrama
Ego Psychology
Myth and Ritual
Systems Theory
Mythic reGenesis
Spiritual Midwifery
Psychospiritual Counseling
Psychodynamic Therapy
Psychophysical Reeducation
Subtle Energy Balancing
Sacred Dance
The use of art in treatment
Regressive Therapy
Trauma Resolution [preverbal, sexual, war/violence]
I offer a working knowledge of the triune-brain theory and have extensive experience in helping clients navigate through spontaneous or voluntary altered states of consciousness.


It is my intention:

to facilitate the alleviation of stress and crisis for clients, their families. and the growing world community;
to open the door of possibilities and activate the individual's latent human capacities
to stand witness as clients re-cognize self esteem, self trust and an over arching confidence in life.
to teach personal and interpersonal skills, which ground each person in
body, emotion and mind
world community.
to develop flexible, productive and creative living patterns
to facilitate improvements in the quality of life and all its relationships

Labyrinth of Human Development

The Labyrinth of Human Development, as again activated in January, 1996, is an Internet and community exploration into the mysteries of our being. It is my hope, that with time The Labyrinth will develop into a supportive environment for those in transformation, as well as those "called", and curious about their path. The Labyrinth evolved from the transformational community founded in Illinois. Just for this moment, I want to honor all those of us who developed our potential within that group, and the many who have since begun practices of their own, and woven a web into various parts of the country, and beyond.