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Published Writings

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ellen H. Weiland LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker   (Retired)

Mental Health Practice and Consultation

Mythic reGenesis

The Process
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by ellenHelga Weiland, lcsw

"What a great miracle is Man and Woman, O Asclepius, beings worthy of reverence and honor. For they pass into the nature of a god as though they were themselves a god;..." [Yates]

Sunday afternoon three p.m., June 5th, 1994; Huguenot, New York,

Mystery School; I'm high on Mozart. During a multi-sensory extravaganza we spent a weekend melting into the mind of that master. We immersed our senses into the vivid rainbow textured melodies of Mozart's musical genius.

My cellular core is charged and ready to burst into a thousand pedaled blossom, an indigo lotus if you will. But not just now. I am about to singularly undertake the 830 mile, overnight, nonstop drive to Illinois, and so the manifestation of any creation is going to take a back seat.

I've traveled these roads before; often alone. I enjoy the solitude. It affords me time to sing loudly into the passing Northeastern emerald mountain scape. Even though clients wait for me to begin clinical sessions in Illinois, I often take the long road, passing Lake Erie, just because I enjoy the rolling hills, the truckles roads heading into the Allegheny Mountains, the city of Salamanca and the Huron Indian Lands. There is something magical about those lands. They display a freedom, a dignity, an ancient stateliness. Every time I drive through I sense an archetypal presence.

The traveling weather this day is warm and clear. To minimize any driver fatigue I activate a lively inner dialogue, this time having to do with "The Mind of The Maker ". Sometimes I even engage my surroundings in the discussion.

Hours pass. My tires hum a background melody as I tell the passing trees, flowers, and flying things about the revelations of this weekend. Together we speculate on the nature of music and how it so profoundly affects us.

Suddenly a screen opens towards the center right of my front windshield. It's like a movie screen with credits scrolling up, after which the story begins.
I see a motion picture, with recognizable actors, elaborate costumes, fascinating dialogue, unique plot, lively music, unusual special effects, the works.

I recall no conscious effort in conjuring up this second feature. It often occurs when my creative circuits are fully charged and I have no time to manifest while I am driving 830 miles to Chicago.

I don't usually write about these extraneous movies. However, I find this particular one noteworthy, and quite profound to my way of thinking. So let me tell you about the show and how my work and I evolved as a result.

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My projector displayed the tale of a young couple. They seem very much in love, and right well suited for one another. Both are brilliant, well educated, well manicured, highly thought of professionals, gentle people. He is her senior by a number of years, and is seen as being quite devoted to her. She, in her youthful exuberance, engages enthusiastically in all sorts of adventures. The world is her playground.

He, loving her deeply, wants to marry. She agrees.

It is not long before the honeymoon comes to an abrupt end. He realizes, for the first time, that he was stung into romantic trance by her "royal busyness". During this enchantment he failed to notice that she was an extraordinary shapeshifter who in practicing her high art, succeeded at modulating interpersonal distances. She excelled at being fluid. During their first meetings this lack of ego stability had certainly been a point of attraction. Now it severely limited any possibility of developing a stable, loving relationship. To put it bluntly, she continued to slip through his very fingers due to the extreme flexibility of her amebae-like persona.

He was distressed. Not being a person to give way easily, he thought at length about how to solve this problem. After many a long, lonely night he called upon the healing power of myth He thought that he might take a mythic form (an archetype), possibly Athena, and offer that archetypal blue print to his "Beloved", rather like an exquisite, custom made, formal cape to wear to the opera.

He understood that the form of Athena, held an almost universal, ancient, awesome power of its own, and hoped that this power might be attractive enough to his "Beloved" to keep her "in form(ation)". He hoped that as a result of their mutual understanding regarding the Athena form, as well as "Beloved's" willingness and ability to stabilize within that form, their relationship might have a chance to develop into an exceedingly creative coupleship.

He incubated his plan for a long while, puzzling over it from every angle. Finally, sensing only a positive outcome, he presented his concept and Athena to his love.

At first "Beloved" was nonplused; not impressed in the least with his idea. But as she saw his enthusiasm, and yearning, she allowed herself a brief interlude with the goddess.

Almost immediately she felt the archetypal energy of Athena pulse her. She and Athena came into resonance, into an atonement. In the blink of an eye, her fluid persona streamed into that archetypal structure, took on its parameters, and "Beloved" became Athena incarnate.

For the very first time in her life she felt an ease of being, and a much welcomed and valued sense of containment. "Beloved" was no longer in a state of permanent, shapelessness. Athena's structure was large enough to allow for a good amount of personal animation and consequent evolution; yet it was sufficiently well formed to afford a functional parameter for someone not used to maintaining any consistent distinctive identity.

The dynamic between the woman and the archetype was amazing. Any exchange of energy between the two was mutually enhancing, and directly proportional to the input; in other words "Beloved" would contribute some small thought, which was received and blessed by Athena. She returned this creation to "Beloved" as a developing construct, with increased possibilities and usefulness. "Beloved", excited at this direct and straight forward attention and support, reciprocated by offering more thoughts and ideas with increased frequency. Their creative escalation resembled the "hands cross-holding hands while whirling" game children used to play.

He was delighted. All was going according to plan. His "Beloved" held form. She lived within the goddess. A steady stream of love emanated from their co creative system. He hoped that the goddess incarnate would love him.

The goddess had a love affair with the lady.

It had been a very long time since Athena was invited to inhabit a living form. Certainly she was indwelling in any number of statues or icons , those residing in temples, in museums, in private homes, and those not yet unearthed. But this, this was different. Goddess was animating and articulating through the body of a living human.

The two were inseparable and so much in love. It was not a procreative love, rather a CO creative one in which spirit lost itself to the ecstasy of being called into physical matter, while matter felt the ecstasy of being animated by a super being, an archetype, spirit. The two were an item at the exclusion of the magus who had conjured up the plan.

He grieved, but stood no chance. He watched as his lady and Athena excited one another into greater and greater creative animation.

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With time, "Beloved began to show signs of human strain as a result of her dance with the gnomon. He felt concern, yet any efforts to reclaim his wife were unsuccessful. Athena, at human invitation, became utterly involved, while "Beloved's" psycho-physical form was in a rapid state of evolution. His compassion and love for his wife was undaunted.

Feeling somewhat responsible for these events, he conjured up a second plan. His idea was to built a temple, perhaps call it the Athena House or Temple, in honor of the archetype. He would implore "Beloved" to enter this temple after momentarily relinquishing the form of Athena. He suggested this temple would give both herself and the goddess a well deserved rest, and invited wife to consider the benefits.

After some heated discussion "Beloved" agreed. She slowly slid down and out of Athena's frequency as she entered the temple and her husband's arms.

With their embrace the bright images on my center right windshield faded. I became more conscious of sitting behind the wheel of a moving car and felt an unbelievably high state of excitement and radiance which supported my driving all through the night.

My heart pounded as I reviewed again and again what I had envisioned. During one fleeting moment I seemed to stand witness to the possibilities of distinctions and intimacies as well as the dynamic potential between archetypes and sentient beings; between the numina and the human; between the world of formation and the world of manifestation. The opportunities and inherent potencies of such relationships flooded my consciousness.

I recalled that we are inhabitants of multiple realities. We reside in worlds which are nested in an infinite universe not confined to linear time or space.

I had the fleeting thought that Consciousness may well be riding on a non local photonic substance calling for our dual citizenship in the world of matter as well as the subtle energy realm of the archetypes.

If this were so, I felt a strong invitation to support the addition of a new perceptual approach to our existing space time continuum. This approach would deal with non locality of existence and a growing acceptance of multi-dimensional relationships.

Most people seem to agree that the primary focus for earth citizens is our local object reality, the mattered, physical or sensory world. Only briefly do we suspend this orientation, usually on Saturday, or Sunday morning, to follow clergy into what they suggest is the spiritual realm.

The concept that we have the ability to shift our mental focus and presence into parallel, and more subtle realities, though not new, is becoming popular and more widely accepted and practiced. While historically the capacity to shift consciousness to such realms has been the secret, sacred and holy assignment of priests, priestesses, shaman and medicine men, skills to such end are now available to any household.

We know of, and can visit worlds in which the psycho-historical data of our current incarnation becomes apparent. Through the efforts of Freud, Jung, Berne, Perls, Janov, Alexander, and any number of other experienced explorers of the psychological realm we have garnered a variety of modalities which allow any one of us to visit the far reaches of our psychophysical-psycho historical being.

Some realities offer conversation with the numina. We owe gratitude to C. J. Jung, Joseph Campbell, and the many who contributed to our understanding of the archetypal world.

There is too the reality which allows our non-physical absorption into the realm of divinity. This realm has traditionally been relegated to the church and its attendants. Lately many have taken the reigns of their divinity into their own hands, while they fervently hope that the church will catch up to current spiritual needs of men, women and children.

For the duration of the show, just then projected onto my front windshield, I was witness to a symbolic representation of the possible interplay between the psychophysical and the psycho-spiritual worlds.

I perceived that archetypes were not just interesting mental amusements or artistic curiosities imprinted on paper, in clay or stone, with pencil, paint or chisel. They are not the fabrications or mental aberrations of addicts, artists, eccentrics or primitives. Archetypes are non mattered, non molecular constellations of energy. They appear, when attended by humans, as forces taking on human, animal, or blended shape. They appear as actors playing assorted parts in the storied movements of Mind. Archetypes are the prototypic forms which comprise the personae vitae of myths.

I perceived myths with their archetypal prototypes as representing the psychospiritual super structure of the psychophysical realm. (That which we materialize tomorrow is enacted in our myths of today.) The archetypes are the loaded potencies which transmit our culturally coded blueprints through myth and interdimensional relationship. When they are actively engaged by us, they facilitate our proper orientation in our daily cultured life.

I recall most sacred books including our Bible talking about our dual nature. We are gifted with an animal consciousness as well as a human CO-creative consciousness. The Bible terms these as lower and higher natures, looking down its literary nose, as though lower meant lesser. I hardly think this to be the case. I surmise the Bible invites us to walk in the two realities, and implores us to pay heed and be in relationship with and service to the more subtle ones, including the archetypal. The writers of our sacred books knew that our psychogenetic coding came from our conversation with the numina.

I envision conversation with the archetypes, and participation in their stories, to be an evolutionary corrective device, which I call Mythic reGenesis. The human ego having become distorted, nonproductive or nonadaptive during years of heavy mattered existence can, by taking on a mythic structure, form again into a more constructive and productive persona.

I sense that the myths with their prototypic forms holding the very blueprints of racial and cultural coding hover in patient anticipation of human contact. For as they pass their blueprints to evolving humans, they allow for a psycho-genetic resourcing of not only that human, but of the archetype and the myth itself.

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Such correction or adaptation has always been available to us through spontaneous dreaming, during which our ego, our cultural program is not controlling our actions.

Biblically we see the Egyptians value pharaoh's symbolic dream message as interpreted by Joseph , we read reports of healings by having the gods visit during the dreamings in the Epidaurus' temple of Aesclepius , the Delphi Oracle seemed to rely on symbolic conversation and was highly respected.

Freud, Jung and countless others saw and continue to see the importance and benefit of involuntary dreams. Much of the emphasis of dream work has been on the interpretation of the symbolic material presented.

Is it possible that we are missing the forest due to our focus on the trees? Could it be that the potency of a dream is in the free conversation with the archetypes while the previously culturally imprinted ego is out of commission?

I gathered from this windshield movie, that we do not have to be in sleep-dreaming in order to benefit from mechanism which I call Mythic reGenesis. It seems not only possible, but viable to chose to place ego to rest, then shift attention into the subtle energy realms, to call in and converse with one or more of the archetypes.

"Beloved" in the story remained awake; I myself was driving safely while I allocated a good portion of my energy to peripheral participation in an involuntary dreaming which illumined a human/archetypal dynamic.

To facilitate a non-sleep dream state offering dimensional interaction, prompting Mythic reGenesis, we do have to be open, available, and fluid. We must allow ourselves to enter a state of vulnerability which permits high energy interaction with non molecular forms.

Our ego, the mechanism of cultural interface, must be at rest and out of the way before we can reach an appropriate state of impressionable fluidity. (Recently I undertook a course of study in Biotonic remedies. Biotonic remedies are fluids which carry the electro potential of plants, salts, trace elements, minerals etc. According to Jack Schwarz it is this electro potential which activates the dormant molecular substances available in our bodies. I could not help but see the similarity between Biotonics and Archetypes which hold the electro potential of the individual and cultural psyche.)

There were moments during this driving excursion with revelation, when I was a citizen of first one world, and then the other. At times I held a vantage point which allowed me to observe a synthesis of these worlds. As I recognized that the myths themselves had their codings (blueprints) optimized during exchanges between humans and archetypes, I speculated that for any evolution of race and culture, interdimensional contact is vital if not mandatory.

Intellectual comprehension of myths and archetypes fails to raise the electro potential sufficiently to facilitate any transformation of psycho-genetic codings. Only as a result of the actual relationship built upon experiential interaction, including the inhabitation of the goddess or god is the evolutionary mechanism called into play.

I perceived, for just a minuscule moment, the necessity of the inclusion of this broadening of the band of consciousness, that is, this play between ourselves and the archetypes, for our collective and successful transition into the 21st millennium and movement through what we popularly call the information revolution. I heard a chant like echo running through my mind "information revolution", "in form (ation) revolution" "the evolution of coming into form (ation)". Is this play with the archetypes the basis of the information revolution and is it a key to the current "shift of paradigm"?

I drove with tears streaming down my face. I realized how many, many earth citizens fail to be "in formed" by the god/goddess. I saw our populace walking about as empty shells espousing something about a distant god. I saw nations without an over riding myth offering its cast of organizing principles. I wondered how people without the influence of the archetypes could evolve?

I recalled my own terror, not fear, but terror and lengthy avoidance of the mythic realm. I was raised and bathed in the demonic mind set of Hitler's Germany. The 1942 German overmind was toxic and not life supporting, to say the very least. Not only was I phobic for adults and authority, but I was wary of the gods, I wanted nothing to do with my own imaginal realm. Creative thinking was verboten. Developing a think structure which included the subtle realms was not an option. I preferred and was encouraged to remain unconscious and dependent upon other humans to chose my life's direction. I am not the only one whose ego was organized on the basis of such a self phobia.

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I wonder how many people avoid contact with the cast of forms of their cultural super structure and fail to become self contained, self motivated and powered, well rounded adults. How many limit or incarcerate their human potential in the service of the fear of archetypal inhabitation? How many continue to engage in thinking prompted by their animal nature and not directed or supported by the evolutionary device designed for the advancement of humanity?

I thought of religions in which god is external, and remote; where there is no permission to invite a visitation with or indwelling of god or goddess.

I drove, crying for many, many miles; then felt the need to organize my thoughts and find a way to test the validity of these new and seemingly potent ideas.

Could I interact with a poorly organized and dense (unevolved) adult to activate a Mythic reGenesis? Could I facilitate someone's purposeful but temporary relinquishing of ego? How would I best do this? Once ego was placed aside would client experience a fluid state? Could this fluid state become a voluntary alternative to the rigid ego states which I often find in clients? Could clients shift back and forth between fluidity and set ego structure so as to be optimally functional in their independent living during their Mythic reGenesis? Could the average client choose an archetype, and would that form respond? How could we best introduce an archetype? Once the archetype is introduced, how can one further the relationship? Is it productive to use forms which are part of the religious persuasion of the client? Is it more useful to introduce an alternative interim form? How do we best facilitate spiritual connection and evolution without interfering with clients choice of religion? What constitutes productive change? How do we measure such change? Is the change long lasting?

I could hardly wait to get home to immediately set up some research cases.

For the purpose of this writing I will report only one brief experience.
Angela was a 45 year old Christian, married, Caucasian, mother of three with a high school diploma, no further education, a natural artistic capacity and a great deal of difficulty in her marriage and family life. She and husband were enmeshed. He was an illiterate builder who shifted much of his paper work as well as emotional upset to her, along with a good deal of criticism which severely diminished her self esteem. Their grown children showed a variety of creative learning imbalances, and moved into and out of the house in a repetitive, and not overly healthy pattern. Angela was encumbered with unexpressed anger, and frustration concerning her creative stifling.

This might have been a lengthy case of exploratory talk therapy. But she arrived at my office at just the right time for me to explore the usefulness of calling in an archetype.

Angela was artistic, creative, intuitive and very willing to work on her problem. She was sincerely stuck and asking for help to reenter the flow. I explained that before initiating a traditional dialogue searching for miscellaneous unhealthy patterns, I thought it might be useful for her to have a lengthy conversation with the God. She was open to my suggestion.

During this first, two hour session, I asked her which form she preferred to call to her aid. She chose to work in the Christian domain. I induced a gentle trance, asked her to relax, to put aside all thoughts, emotions and body sensations. (I generally ask people to externally pile thoughts to the right, feelings and body sensations to the left.) When she seemed at ease and in the appropriate altered state (brain frequency) I invited her to call upon the Christ Consciousness.

She followed my suggestions.

In a sudden burst of radiance she cried announcing the joy of experiencing the presence of Jesus hovering above her body.

I suggested she call that presence in if appropriate for her. I myself was a bit shocked at the ease in which she moved into this state. I recommended she dialogue with Jesus regarding the issues which brought her to me.

After about twenty minutes in a silent state of fluidity, accompanied by brilliantly radiating, she slowly opened her eyes, with the biggest smile. She was in awe of her truth; claimed she never had an experience like this, or even knew she could; stated she realized, this presence of Jesus was a potent force always available to her; that she had not know to call upon it.

Subsequently she reported having made such a strong connection with Jesus that everything else seemed minor. In conversation with Jesus she determined that she would get a college degree in art; become a commercial artist; would insist that her husband attend library adult reading sessions, and set rules on her children's random use of the couple's assets.

To Top

We spend two one hour sessions processing what had occurred. I suggested some readings to help her understand and grow with her experience. She left therapy filled with love, hope and a sense of mission. She expanded her self sufficiency by including the use of her super structure, and did not become dependent upon this therapist.

While I remained in Illinois, she attended various workshops which I offered, and continued to report excellent progress. She did earn her BA in art. Husband was learning to read. Children were more responsive to her. She maintained her relationship with Jesus as holder of the Christ Consciousness, frequently inviting that form in, to effect her own resourcing.

Angela was a client, primed for Mythic reGenesis before I ever began to work with her. She lived in a rural area, and in her distress often spent time reclining out under the stars allowing her creative imagination to run free. Her lack of fear of the imaginal world, which is the doorway into the subtle realms, as well as her willingness to engage in relationship with God facilitated any work we did. Many clients require considerably more preparation. Such descriptive efforts will be the subject of continued work.


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