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Published Writings
content since 1994
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ellen H. Weiland LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker   (Retired)

Mental Health Practice and Consultation


There exists an extended reality far greater than that of which we humans are aware.

We are an intricate and interactive part of that reality though in many cases we have forgotten our origins.

We are no longer in rhythm or in balance with the universe.

We need to regain understanding about the organizing forces inherent in that balance, those also inherent in us.

I honor the extended reality (by many called God) and its interface with our psycho-physiology.

I honor, too, its organizing potencies always available and ready to support us.

I recognize that often it is our lack of awareness and poor overall balance which sustains mal-productive behavior, manifesting as an assortment of negatively labeled physical and psychiatric conditions.

I maintain imbalances can be realigned to serve the well being of the individual and consequently the greater environment.

I believe we can educate ourselves; while we improve our awareness and connectivity to the life force.

We can use of that energy in the service of creation.

I support and facilitate the drafting of an individual and group creative energy economy.

I encourage client interaction with the community and recommend participation in community groups.

I support the use of medication [as prescribed by doctors] to facilitate and sustain a balance otherwise not available to a specific few clients.

I believe each person can learn appropriate skills to minimize their need for chemical intervention.

I maintain that "God is a circle with the center everywhere, and the circumference nowhere."

As such our wholeness is possible only through inclusion of that Overriding Intelligence.

I honor God's thousand faces, and support each client in establishing/maintaining relationship with the Godface of his or her choice.