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Published Writings
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ellen H. Weiland LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker   (Retired)

Mental Health Practice and Consultation

Mythic reGenesis

> The Process
Mythic reGenesis I
Mythic reGenesis II
Mythic reGenesis III

"Mythic reGenesis" is a process whereby two or more persons voluntarily step beyond ego, enter the formless flow of consciousness, move into archetypal templates inviting the world soul into "relay (tion) ship". The purpose of this process is to promote wellness through the regeneration and evolution of the individual, group, community and world being.

Yates wrote:

" There is an intellect of the world and a body of the world, and between them is the soul of the world. In the divine mens or intellect are the Ideas; ... to these seminal reasons in the soul there correspond the species in matter, or in the body of the world, which correspond to the reasons or depend on them, or are formed by them. If these material forms degenerate they can be reformed in the "middle place", presumably by manipulating the next highest forms on which they depend." (Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition pp64)

Plotinus at Ennead, IV, 3, xi informs us:

"I think...that those ancient sages, who sought to secure the presence of divine beings by the erection of shrines and statues, showed insight into the nature of the All; they perceived that, though this Soul (of the world) is everywhere tractable, its presence will be secured all the more readily when an appropriate receptacle is elaborated, a place especially capable of receiving some portion or phase of it, something reproducing it and serving like a mirror to catch an image of it."In ancient Egypt the priests created statues which they enlivened by way of magical incantations and spells. I suggest that we are designed by God to be similar iconic material forms. Indeed the bible tells us, we were made in God's image. However, we need no spells or incantations to allow a temporary or more permanent indwelling of that over soul. I believe the gift of the end of this millenium is our increased awareness of the skills needed for rapid
"re-form-ation" and soul "in-carnation".

With the help of Robert E. M. Masters and his Psychophysical Method, as well as his work "The Way of the Five Bodies", with the teachings and patience of Jean Houston, particularly her archetypal explorations and time/space travel, with the wisdom of Gay Luce, and David Patton's energy work, as well as the guidance of countless other master teachers I have revitalized a concentrated process allowing for a "Mythic reGenesis" into the forms demanded by this forthcoming millenium.

For the last several years I have been applying this "Mythic reGenesis" process with individuals, small and large groups as well as with couples and couple groups. The work is mysterious, awe inspiring, gratifying, and transformational. It cuts through lengthy psycho/spiritual imbalances, and invites the indwelling of the oversoul and, at particularly potent moments may invoke an experience with the Christ Consciousness.

"Mythic reGenesis" as a process is quite simple, and is currently finding its way to the surface in various parts of the world. Witin groups, partners enter the silence, voluntarily setting aside ego for the moment. Then by remaining in formlessness, they emerse themselves in that Overriding Intelligence [i.e.God]. The response from the indwelling organizing forces [i.e. aspects of God] invites a co-creative re-formation not only of individuals, but of community , nations, as well as the oganizing forces [i.e. aspects of God] themselves. By entering the amorphous stream of God we reGenerate and flow as love and light, and in that process nourish ourselves and the very God to whom we momentarily sacrificed our ego [i.e. previous for.