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Published Writings
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ellen H. Weiland LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker   (Retired)

Mental Health Practice and Consultation

  • Association for Transpersonal Psychology
  • Foundation of Mind Research - Pomona, New York
  • International Association on the Study of Shamanism and Alternate Modes of Healing
  • International Society for The Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine
  • NASW
  • Sacred Gathering of Essenes Church
  • Theosophical Society of America
  • a variety of transformational centers and communities throughout the country

The Masters Psychophysical Method is a simple, pleasurable yet potent, approach to improving human health and functioning. It is grounded in an understanding of the subtle and complex workings of the human body/mind system. Psychophysical explorations support increased range of motion, awareness and understandings which encourage an optimal use of self.

The Masters Psychophysical Method gradually establishes permanent capacities for self-correction and self-regulation of...

  • posture
  • body mechanics
  • mind/body interactions
  • elimination of excessive use of force
  • release of muscular tensions and movement impairments

The Masters Psychophysical Method Re-educates the nervous system by...

  • Disinhibiting blockages in the brain's motor cortex
  • Facilitating greater range of motion
  • Improving the organization of the musculoskeletal system
  • Engaging the brain's right hemispheric Process Supporting improved
    interconnectedness between movement, sensing, thinking and feeling.

It corrects commonly experienced distortions of the kinesthetic sense
Improves correspondence between the body image and physical body
Brings to range of self regulation, unconscious, superfluous actions
Supports the therapeutic functions of awareness as the ground for autonomy and health

available books and tapes:

Psychophysical Reeducation

Ellen H. Weiland, LCSW
certified teacher

Psychophysical Method Exercises - in six volumes; by Robert Masters, Ph.D.